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Thumbs Up! Kite
2014 - Concept

Flying a kite is an activity purely for enjoyment which serves as an antithesis to the busyness of modern life. There are no meetings, text messages, or status updates to share, just the act of keeping fabric suspended in flight. As an almost meditative act, seemingly nothing must be done other than accepting the will of nature and leting the winds carry your kite upwards.

Kite handles, the object of direct interaction with the user, is usually a small, simple tool made primarily for low cost.

The prompt for product development was to reinterpret the kite in a way that provides additional value to the activity for both the user and onlookers. The handle provided the best opportunity to add value. While the kite’s value is in the spectacle of fl ight, the kite handle mostly serves as an utilitarian tool of holding string. Existing products in the market are not necessarily visually engaging or interesting to interact with.

The kite handle is an opportunity to add value through visual comedy. Much like how a foam fi nger lets the user make a statement about who exactly is number one, the kite handle is an opportunity to spread positivity as if to say, “Hey dude, good job.” The thumbs up hand signal is the universal sign of positivity, and it’s integration into the kite handle makes a whimsical and comedic statement.

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