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VIKKII Collection
2016 - For THESYS Design

The VIKKII Collection, by Los Angeles based studio THESYS Design, is an exercise in creating a series of house wares and design objects from a single “smart” unit that can be informed by simple parts that are interchanged.

The collection is based around the sheet metal VIKKII joint, fabricated just 10 miles down the road from the THESYS studio. Through the exploration of bending and subtracting volumes through the V shaped form, a reveal is made in the joint, which creates a slip connection. This connection easily allows simple units to be added and interchanged, such as the dowels and glassware that comprise the family of products. 

With the smart unit defined, THESYS is able to build multiple types of products within the VIKKII family of objects.

Through the alteration of wood dowels, Wall Cleats, Wall Hangers are created to provide spaces to display and organize precious objects. Adding a small glass vase to the VIKKII joint allows for a wall hung moment of greenery in all sort of spaces, whether in an array or as a singular unit in space. Cutting dovetails into dowels produces the Desk Buddy and Wire Buddy, objects that can organize your person device and the wires that accompany them. The Towel Ring, Towel Bar, and TP Holder are helpful in sinks and bathrooms through the use of solid wood and hand bent brass.

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